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The Birth House birth of Alora (VBAC)

I would like to share the story of the birth of my third child. For all of my births I had dreamed of a peaceful, natural homebirth but they did not all go to plan. Even after all my yoga, reading. meditating etc my first baby boy was born by “emergency” caeser due to him being breech. For my second child I was totally determined to have a natural birth, a VBAC. So I prepared mentally and physically. I did 3 terms of prenatal yoga, I practised yoga and visualisations whenever I could and I felt capable and positive. But my labour was long and I ended up in hospital. After 48 hours I was exhausted and the midwives kept getting me to lie down (on my back!). I gave birth to my baby boy naturally but with all the doctors and nurses around it was not at all how I imagined it could be. I was so happy I had done it but at the same time I was disappointed in how medicalised it felt.

So with my last pregnancy I was even more determined than ever. Again, I wanted a homebirth but due to being 50 minutes away from hospital we decided to have the baby at The Birth House. I was still unsure about having to travel for almost an hour during labour but as soon as I met Bron I knew that this was the perfect choice for us. She was so knowledgable and helpful that I instantly felt a wonderful connection to her. And she even helped me to combat GBS (but that is another story).

This labour started much as the others had. Strong pains through the night but not regular. I had presumed that this labour would be long like the others but I also didn’t want to be in the car while having intense pain! So although my contractions were strong the next morning they were still not consistant. But by lunchtime we decided to go to the birthing house anyway. Within minutes of arriving I really got into ‘the zone’. I felt instantly relaxed in the cosy birthing room. We closed the curtains, lit candles, put on a relaxing ocean music CD and spoke in whispers.

After less than an hour Bron started to fill the birth pool (I remember thinking to myself that she was doing this too early as I thought I would still be labouring through the night).The next thing I know I was in the pool, which felt sooo good, and the second midwife, Bree was there. Although I was aware of their presence and occasional strong hand or sholder to lean on, they were both so unobtrusive that I was really able to get into my own little world. Not much later Bron asked my husband if he wanted to get in the pool too. He said “I might wait until she is pushing.” the midwife replied “she is sweety!” I was just so relaxed and was breathing and lowly groaning my way through my contractions that he didn’t even realise we were almost there! I remember thinking how good it felt to push. It was totally unlike by second birth where I didn’t feel ready to push at all. This time I felt totally in control. As she moved down I reached down and touched her head and felt so happy and releaved that I felt like crying sweet, happy tears. A few more pushes, Deep breaths and low deep groans and she was out. A perfect baby girl and a perfect labour. I truly could not have imagined it to be any more beautiful and peaceful. I am so happy. It was the dream birth I always knew I could have.

Thank you Bron and Bree. It was only because I had total faith in your abilities that I was able to relax so completely. Without you, this peaceful birth would not have been possible.

xxx Fi


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